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To high school juniors, the parents of high school juniors, and the teachers of high school juniors: 

Apply to 8 colleges and you will probably write 4-10 full length (500-1000 word) essays and 10-16 (100-500) short responses.

Can you produce that many great pieces of writing in one month or one week (some students really cut it close)?

With about 3 hours a week (less than 30 minutes a day) you can prepare to write all your college application essay responses, BUT THIS ONLY WORKS IF YOU START EARLY. Take some time this summer to make sure you are ready for the fall application season. is offering this free resource to students, parents, and teachers. We have put together a plan for writing those daunting college admissions essays. If you follow the plan beginning in July, you will have all the writing for your applications completed by December 1st.

Our method allows you to plan the content of your essays and to review those grammar concepts that can contribute to making your responses clear, articulate, and error free.  Follow the weekly instructions for essay planning and then use our paid site,, to quickly review that week’s grammar topics.  You will view 3-4 minutes instructional videos and complete interactive practice exercises that show you how to apply grammar to improve and correct your writing.

The best part is that IT IS ALL FREE IF YOU FOLLOW THE PLAN. During the week that students are asked to review a particular concept, Grammar4Writers will offer that content for FREE. It will go back to paid content at the end of that week. That is your incentive to stick with the timeline. If you follow along you will get all the resources you need for FREE.

We not only want you to be prepared to write your admissions essays, but also we want you to be able to succeed once you get to college.  All the college professors that we meet tell us that their students need to produce better writing.  We hope that by introducing you to our techniques we can help you to be better writers.

theWRITEapp (founded by four English teachers)

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