theWRITEapp Press Release 2-28-2014

theWRITEapp Launches Grammar 4 Writers
An Innovative Subscription Website Service to Improve Student Writing

Irvine (CA) – February 28, 2014 – theWRITEapp – an educational software start-up based in Orange County is pleased to announce its latest product offering.

Grammar 4 Writers offers an interactive, modular approach to English grammar instruction designed for students and teachers to boost achievement in writing. It can be effectively used by students and instructors from 4th grade through early college. This initial launch includes the twelve core modules and will soon be expanded to twenty modules.

“We wanted to bring our experience designing iPad apps to a wider audience,” said Sonia Remick, President of theWRITEapp. To develop this product, theWRITEapp brought together the power of the Internet and decades of teaching experience to create an accessible, cost-effective online learning portal for writers everywhere.

With Grammar 4 Writers, teachers are able to make the explicit connection between grammar and writing. “Our expertise is rooted in real-world classroom experience,” stated Ms. Remick, “and we designed our product to be flexible and easy to use. We aren’t the old-fashioned grammar police. We are teaching grammar to students to give them the tools of the craft. Good writing is like a piece of jewelry. Beautiful jewelry needs both gems and a setting; words are the gems and grammar is the setting. We teach writers how to make well-crafted settings that show off their words.”

About theWRITEapp

theWRITEapp was founded on the simple premise that world-class technology deserves world-class content. In May 2012, an English teacher with eleven years of classroom experience and a previous career in software engineering decided to take on the task of developing that content in the field of grammar and writing instruction. Adding the talents of three other expert writing teachers and experienced software engineers, theWRITEapp unveiled its initial product offering in August of 2012. To date they have rolled out five iPad applications and a brand new website.

G4W Press Release 2-28-2014

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