PICK AND CHOOSE Purchasing in Schools

As a teacher, remember the days when you were called to meetings and instructed not to use anything but district approved curriculum. This would not have been a problem except that getting the board to approve anything required tons of bureaucratic red tape and possibly years of time, so essentially teachers were left with state approved texts and a list of acceptable novels.

According to Edweek that world is changing. Districts will no longer be tied to large publishers with state approval and will be seeking out digital, interactive curriculum on their own. Our company has built its products around this philosophy. We see its many benefits to educators and students. However having been teachers ourselves (over 60 years combined teaching experience), we recognize that this new philosophy comes with its own challenges. Read the article from Edweek and leave us a comment about one of our questions or add a new thought to the discussion.

Edweek Industry & Innovation Top Story – “A La Carte’Purchasing

Question 1 – Will more flexible adoption help students and teachers?
Question 2 – Can districts really move through the adoption process fast enough to stay up with the trends?
Question 3 – Should districts now listen more to teachers and their needs in adopting curriculum?
Question 4 – Will curriculum be as reliable from these new sources?


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One comment on “PICK AND CHOOSE Purchasing in Schools
  1. Susan says:

    I look forward to the day when teachers are again given some control in the “art of teaching.” We need the opportunities to meet the needs of the students sitting in front of us, not just the general population. Reliability of content becomes easier when teachers are informed and allowed a hands on opportunity.

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